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Recycle Slack Coal-A Serious Economic Consideration

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Slack Coal

During the mining, handling and transportation, there is a considerable amount of disintegrated coal being dropped on the ground. This disintegrated coal is usually called "slack coal ".

The amount of slack coal can be 5%~50% of the total coal mined, or even more. That is to say, it is a serious economic consideration of recycle this waste slack coal.


Then what the slack coal can be recycled for?

The most common application of slack coal is briquette production. On the market, the price of slack coal is considerably lower than lump coal from the same mine. However, after briquetting the slack into a coherent mass, its value can be equal to the original lump coal and coal briquettes of high quality even have a greater value.

Slack Coal Briquette Slack Coal Briquettes

To a certain extent, the manufacture of coal briquettes from slack coal is a kind of success commercially, especially in the United States.

The Problem of Making Coal Briquettes

The problem of making slack coal into briquettes is not always how to make the slack coal of inferior quality at hand into the best possible briquettes. And the best possible binding material can be unaffordable for many of us. So the problem always lies in how to produce a briquette of satisfactory grade for intended use at a profit. To solve this problem, you should know about the available binders and choose the right binder.

Slack Coal Briquette Machine for Sale

With a slack coal briqeutte machine, the fines could be turned into lumps of coal briquettes. Feel free to send us an email if you are interested in our briquette maker or simply want to know more about making charcoal/coal briquettes!

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