Our History


AGICO GROUP started its business in 1997. Our machinery was originally designed to produce agricultural crude oil. After years of innovation we successfully built corollary equipment to further process crude oil into edible oil. In response to some clients who used the oil press for biodiesel preprocessing, we then established a biodiesel initiative to provide consultation and aid for biodiesel processing.

2002 ~ 2004

AGICO GROUP was the largest Chinese oil press exporter in China according to official customs’ statistics.


AGICO GROUP began exporting small-sized pellet machines used for traditional feed pellet processing. However, some of our clients succeeded in applying the history machines to biomass pellet production. This inspired us to enter the biomass energy industry. After intensive study and research on wood pelletizing, we successfully designed wood pellet machine.


AGICO GROUP established a research and development department in 2007 focusing on biomass machinery design and technological innovation, including pelletizing and briquetting. After countless trials and modifications, we finally succeeded in building the wood pellet mill and coal/charcoal briquette machine.


AGICO GROUP became China’s largest exporter of pellet & briquette machines according to official customs’ statistics.


AGICO GROUP currently possesses several core patented technologies in the field of briquetting and pelletizing production. Besides small-sized briquette machines, AGICO GROUP also provides large briquette machines and complete briquetting production lines. We provide a complete range of services to include design, manufacture, installation, debugging and training. To present, AGICO GROUP has completed several briquetting production lines across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa.

Along with the development of the biomass pellet equipment, AGICO GROUP also devotes its efforts to the fields of charcoal briquette production and biomass carbonization. We have numerous kinds of briquette machines for customers to choose, including both screw and hydraulic presses. Different accessories are also available.