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Charcoal Production

Public time: 2014-05-12 10:51 counts:

Learn how to turn biomass or wood materials into charcoal products by using charcoal machinery.

charcoal production

5 Main Steps of Charcoal Production

Step one: Crushing

Crush the biomass materials such as rice husck, wood residues into 3-5mm particles. If your raw matrials is sawdust or bamboo/coconut powder, this step can be skipped.

Step two: Drying

Use a dryer to dry the crushed materials to appropriate moisture content.

Step three: Briquetting

Use a charcoal machine to briquetting the well prepared biomass materials into bar shape.

Step four: Carbonization

In this step, biomass briquettes or so-called semi-carbonization briquettes will be carbonized completely.

Step five: Storage

Cool and package the charcoal products is necessary before storage.