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3 Steps of Charcoal Production

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From biomass materials to charcoal briquettes, there are 3 basic steps: raw material processing, briquetting and charring.

charcoal briquettes

Raw Material Processing

Frist of all, you should make the biomass raw materials well-prepared for charcoal briquette press. Crusher and dryer machine is needed in this process. Crush the materials to small pieces and dry them to certain water content. If your raw material for charcoal production is sawdust or other powder materials, then crusher machine is unnecessary.

Biomass Briquetting

Keep the temperature of briquetting process around 230 degrees. Under this temperature, the final biomass briquettes will be pale black and smooth without cracks. (Standard of briquettes: 3.5cm * 40cm, weight of each briquette: 1.2kg)

Charring / Carbonization

In the charring or carbonization process, biomass briquettes will be put into a char kiln without oxygen. Charring process plays a very important role in charcoal briquette production and it is one of the main factors that affect the quality of final charcoal briquettes.
The charcoal making process varies between different raw materials. Let’s take sawdust for example.

Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Production

charcoal briquette production

Sawdust charcoal briquette machine >>

In the drying process, the moisture content should be around 75%. The drying temperature should better be 105℃ and the revolving speed of drum roller about 10r/m. During briquetting process, the moisture content should be around 90%. There will be briquetting difficulty if the raw material is too dry. If the raw material is too wet, the finished briquettes will be easy breaking. For charring process, build your own charring kiln.