Industrial Fuel Briquette Machine

Square Coal Briquettes Square Shape Charcoal Briquettes Round Briquettes Oval Shaped Briquettes Pillow Shaped Coal Charcoal Briquettes

Suitable Raw Materials: 

Coal/charcoal dust
Metallic mine powder
Other powdery material
… …

Coal Charcoal Mineral Powder
Coal Powder/Dust Charcoal Powder/Dust Mineral Powder

If you are not sure whether this machine can briquetting your raw material, contact us now and you will get professional response from our professors. A testing video of briquetting process can be offered if required.

Coal Ball Briquette Machine for Sale


Coal Ball Briquette Machine Pillow Coal Briquette Machine


Producing capacity 1-2T/H 4TPH 6TPH 8TPH 10TPH 15TPH 20TPH 30TPH
Width of roller 200mm 240mm 250mm 280mm 300mm 336mm 400mm 500mm
Diameter of roller 290mm 360mm 400mm 450mm 550mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Power 5.5kw 7.5-15kw 11-18.5kw 15-22kw 18.5-30kw 30-45kw 55-75kw 75-90kw
Speed of main shaft 27r/min 18r/min 15r/min 13r/min 10r/min
Retarder ZQ235 ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ650 ZQ650  ZQ750 ZQ750 ZQ850
Type of pressure Mechanical Mechanical & Hydraulic
Material of roller 65Mn 65Mn  9cr2Mn
Form of structure Two roller single press Four roller double press
Bearing of main shaft   319*4 2097724*4 2097732*4 2097734*4
Main shaft 45# Steel D: 95mm  45#steel D:110mm 45#steel D:120mm 45# steel D:135mm forging steel D:165mm forging steel D:250mm forging steel
Shape and size According to your request

Mini Coal Ball Briquette Machine for Sale

Mini Charcoal briquette machine Mini Charcoal briquette machine

Our mini coal ball briquette machine is two rollers single press type machine. It is designed for process coal/charcoal dust. It is designed for process coal/charcoal dust. It is one of our hot sale products in recent years because of its high efficiency, exquisite appearance and low cost.

Model GCXM-1
Power 5.5kw
Producing capacity 1-2TPH
Type of Pressure Mechanical
Material of roller 65Mn
Diameter of roller 290mm
Width of roller 200mm
Form of structure Two rollers single press
Overall size 1200×1000×1420 (mm)
Weight 560kg

Different Moudles & Finished Coal Ball Briquettes

Coal Ball Briquettes


Maybe you are also interested in knowing more about coal ball briquettes:

Coal ball briquette is a type of coal briquette used in home cooking, heating and industrial stoves, people used to burn the raw coal in the past, even now in some rural areas. Burning the raw coal bricks is a cheap way of making use of the powder coal, but definitely not the most efficient way, now with all those years of industrialization in China, the coal processing industry in China has developed to a degree which made China in the leading position of briquette machinery manufacturing.

AGICO is an experienced supplier of coal ball briquette making machine in China. China is a country which still uses coal as the main fuel for the power plants and in the heating system of many cities. The repetitive construction way of building coal briquette plants in China had been the main problem which limited the development of this industry, and the manufacturers which survived through the competition are the ones that have adopted new technologies for new machine models. The market has become specialized, and so should be the products.