Coal Powder to Briquettes

Making Coal / Charcoal Briquettes

(Coal Briquette Machine, Charcoal Power Briquette Maker)

Coal Charcoal Mineral Powder
Coal Powder/Dust Charcoal Powder/Dust Mineral Powder


The Profits of Using Charcoal Fines for Briquetting

Unlike common charcoal, fines cannot be burned directly in an ordinary way. However, if we make most of the fines for briquetting industry, the charcoal production would rise by 10 to 20%.


Pillow Coal Briquettes Round Coal Briquettes Oval Coal Briquettes Pillow Shape Coal Briquettes  
Briquette moulds Briquette moulds Briquette moulds Briquette moulds  


Coal/Charcoal Powder Briquette Maker for Sale

With a coal powder or charcoal powder briquette maker, fines can be turned into lumps of charcoal. Feel free to send us an email if you are interested in our briquette maker or simply want to know more about making charcoal/coal briquettes!

charcoal briquette maker

Producing capacity 1-2T/H 4TPH 6TPH 8TPH 10TPH 15TPH 20TPH 30TPH
Width of roller 200mm 240mm 250mm 280mm 300mm 336mm 400mm 500mm
Diameter of roller 290mm 360mm 400mm 450mm 550mm 650mm 750mm 850mm
Power 5.5kw 7.5-15kw 11-18.5kw 15-22kw 18.5-30kw 30-45kw 55-75kw 75-90kw
Speed of main shaft 27r/min 18r/min 15r/min 13r/min 10r/min
Retarder ZQ235 ZQ350 ZQ400 ZQ400 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ500 ZQ650 ZQ650  ZQ750 ZQ750 ZQ850
Type of pressure Mechanical Mechanical & Hydraulic
Material of roller 65Mn 65Mn  9cr2Mn
Form of structure Two roller single press Four roller double press
Bearing of main shaft   319*4 2097724*4 2097732*4 2097734*4
Main shaft 45# Steel D: 95mm  45#steel D:110mm 45#steel D:120mm 45# steel D:135mm forging steel D:165mm forging steel D:250mm forging steel
Shape and size According to your request






Charcoal Briquette Project

Buy from AGICO GROUP and you will never regret it!

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our Coal Briquette Machine or Charcoal Power Briquette Maker or simply want to know more about making coal briquettes!

Properties of Charcoal Fine/Powder

Compared with lump charcoal, the purity of charcoal fines is much lower. Except charcoal, the fine material also contains clay, the bark of the fuelwood, mineral sand and fragments. The charcoal fines produced from normal wood has a lower ash content than the ones produced from leaves, twigs and bark, so wood charcoal is better. Although the fine material may still contain 50% or more charcoal, it is difficult to find it another use. However, in most cases, a mesh screen (2 to 4 mm screen) can separate the materials with undesired high ash undesired large size from the fines, and fragments of good charcoal will be mostly retained on the screen. These charcoal fragments can be ideal materials for charcoal/coal briquette machines after hammer-milling.


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(Prospect of Coal Powder/Charcoal Briquette Machinery in 2013)

The latest news from casting industry net reported that with the relief of labor shortage for the large quantities of casting factories, charcoal briquette factories could not meet the increased fuel demand from the casting factories, with the features like small scale, backward technology, high investment, high pollution, high power consumption, low efficiency and low profit, the charcoal briquette factories are impossible to supply enough briquettes product for the casting industry, and this has definitely limited the development of the casting industry, the only possible solution is update the coal powder/charcoal briquette machines to the new generation, the advanced charcoal briquette machines have higher efficiency and lower power consumption, they are the main power for the competition in the future, replace the outdated equipments before it’s too late, as one word says: the world is a village now, the situation for the fuel briquette plants in other countries are more or less the same, AGICO is a leading coal powder/charcoal briquette machinery manufacturer in China, if you have any questions on our product,send us an email now!