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Application of Wood Charcoal Briquettes

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Charcoal products produced by Wood Charcoal Briquette Press can be used in various different fields such as industrial, food, medicine, etc. The following listed the main seven application field of charcoal briquettes.

Wood Charcoal Briquette Machine


  • Used for smelting high quality non-ferrous metals and cast iron.
  • Used as carburizing agent for mechanical parts to improve the hardness and wear resistance of the steel.
  • Make gunpowder withnitrate of potash and sulphur.
  • Charcoal can also be made into graphite. Graphite is a kind of solid lubricant and it is very important for rotational parts which cannot use lubricating oil.
  • Make graphite electrode.
  • If make charcoal products into activated charcoal, its application will be largely extended including chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection etc.
  • Making charcoal briquettes from corn stalk and rice straw, the iodine content of finished charcoal can reach 500mg/g which is closed to industry index of activated charcoal. Use these charcoal for pollution control can greatly reduce cost.

Food Industry

Used as food additives, food brewing, fumigate tea, deodorant and for decoloring and refining sucrose, glucose, xylose, ribose, maltose, lactose and other sugars. It can also be used for food preservation.

Pharmaceuticals industry

Charcoal can be used for destaining, purificating and refining chemical reagent and biological pharmaceutical materials.
  • Environmental Protection, Construction and Ceramics
  • Be used as snow removing agent and drying agent in environmental protection field.
  • Be used as building concrete special filler, insulating material, refractory material etc.
  • When firing ceramic, using charcoal briquettes can improve the quality of ceramic products.

Animal Husbandry

Use charcoal as feed additives to accelerate the growth of livestock and improve their digestion and disease resistance. Charcoal products are also good deodorizer for animal husbandry.

Everyday Life

People often use charcoal for heating, barbecue or warming. Since charcoal briquettes are smokeless, high in calories, charcoal is getting more and more popular in our everyday life.
There are numerous vertical and horizontal holes in charcoal briquettes. These holes can absorb various materials. So people can use it ad desiccant. When the climate is dry, charcoal can also emit the humidity it absorbed before. This is why charcoal plays an important role in regulating humidity. In addition, charcoal can also eliminate odor and harmful substances in room.
Wood charcoal can also improve soil permeability and drainage, and then provide a good living space for microbe which is benefit for plant. Put 5%-10% bean size of charcoal into soil when planting can help the plants grow better and improve their pest resistance.

Agriculture Industrial

  • Improve the soil temperature
  • Improve soilenvironment
  • Maintain soil moisture
  • Pesticide or fertilizer slow-release agent
  • Improve soil pH value, increase the content of soil C02, absorb harmful metal and increase microbial activity.
Wood charcoal can be mad from various biomass materials, such as rice husk, peanut shell, cotton shell, corn cob, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, bean stalk and sawdust, sawdust, wood shavings, pine seed shell and coconut shell. Among all these materials, sawdust, wood shavings, pine seed shall and coconut shell are premium raw materials for charcoal briquetting.