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How Much Should I Invest In Charcoal Machine

Public time: 2014-05-13 16:13 counts:
Once decided to invest in charcoal production, you must want to know how much one would need to cost for the preparation of a charcoal briquetting line. In this article, AGICO Charcoal Machine will show you the cost details of setting a charcoal briquett plant.

Investment Formula

Site Investment + Charcoal Equipment Investment + Raw Material Investment + Labor Investment + Power Investment = Total Investment

Site Investment

In most cases, the place is  existing resources for most investors. If you need to rent, you'd better choose the place in the suburbs, close o the raw materials. So that you can cost less for the land rent and material transportation. The plase don't need to be too big. 30 square is enough.

Equipment Investment

Choose the equipment according to the scale of the charcoal production. For charcoal production, charcoal machine is essential. Accessory equipment such as dyrer, conveyor, crusher, cooler is needed if you want to build a complete and automatic charcoal making plant. There are BBQ Charcoal Machine, Honeycomb Charcoal Machine, Shisha Charcoal Machine and Mineral Powder Coal Briquette Machine.

bbq charcoal machine honeycomb charcoal machine  shisha charcoal machine

Raw Material Investment

For mechanism charcoal, wood or sawdust is ideal materials. Buy cheap wood residues or sawdust from local wood factory or furniturer manufacturing plant. Try save cost in raw materials so that to invrease profits.

Labor Investment

The cost for labor should be decided according to the equipment you plan to buy and the production scale.

Power Investment

Generally, a 1ton per day charcoal machine equipment need 220 degrees of electricity. The total power cost is decided according to local charging standards.

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