Shisha Charcoal Machine

We have two kinds of Shisha Charcoal Machine for sale: the traditional mechanical design and the o hydraulic design machines.

Flowchart of Making Shisha Charcoal

Charcoal Dust → Crusher → Conveyor → Mixer → Conveyor → Charcoal Briquette Press → Final Product (Shisha Charcoal)

GCZ26 Mechanical Shisha/Sheesha Charcoal Machine for Sale

Make High Quality Shisha Tablets

tablet shisha charcoal briqeuttes Square shisha charcoal
Tablet Shisha Charcoal Briquettes Square Shisha Charcoal


Model GCZ26
Mechanical Shisha charcoal machine
Dies(sets) 11
Max pressure(kN) 100
Dia. of Tablet (mm) 15-50
Thickness. of Tablet (mm) 5-16
Max. Production capacity (tablets/hour) 9600-17000(different size)
Moisture of charcoal dust before pressing 6%
Overall size(mm) 1450×1200×2000
Motor(kW) 7.5
Main machine weight(kg) 1350


Our Shisha/Sheesha Charcoal Machine can press powder material (charcoal dust) into square, round (6mm-40mm), rectangular or other customized form tablets. Our machine is designed according to Good Manufacturing Practice so the finial briquettes are in good quality (smoking free, no smell, easy to ignite and last longer), perfect shape and high density. Being a top manufacturer of Shisha Charcoal Machine in China, we can promise you best quality, competitive low price and all-around after service.


GC-SCM-300 Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine for Sale

(make small round and cube shape shisha briquettes from charcoal powder)


Shisha Charcoal Shisha Charcoal
Shisha Charcoal Square Shisha Charcoal


Model GC-SCM-300
Hydraulic Shisha Charcoal Machine
Capacity 600Kg/h(dried)
Power 4++3+1.5+0.25KW
Weight 1500kg
Dimension 4500*1200*700


  • High-performance hydraulic propelling device, making briquettes with smooth surface and good density.
  • The shape of final products can be customized.
  • Automatic cutter, different length available
  • The final shisha charcoal is smoke free.
  • The pressure can be controlled easily which means the density of the prodcuts is adjustable.
  • There is a security alarm system.
  • Ergonomic design makes the machine convenient to clean up and maintenance.

This Shisha Charcoal Machine is based on automatic hydraulic design. It can compress various kinds of powder materials into cube, round or other special shapes. Due to hydraulic design, the final briquettes can be in perfect appearance and good density. Moreover, this hydraulic shisha charcoal making machine has a low material consumption, low power consumption and low noise, and it is your best choice for biomass charcoal briquetting.
This charcoal machine can be equipped with a series of different moulds which makes it able to produce shisha/sheesha/ hookah charcoal in different shapes (circular shape, cuboid shape, cube shape, etc ).