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Industrial Briquette Press Machine For Biomass Fuel Plant

Public time: 2013-06-24 16:05 counts:
The EPA of city Shenyang has made an announcement that in places where the facilities for gas supply are not possible or economical, forging and metal smelting corporations shall use biomass matters and coal to provide the heat for production need.

Biomass briquetting plant work flow:

Biomass briquetting plant is built to process the agriculture residue, forest residue and some wood processing residues into briquette fuels with high density and high heat value. The processes include: raw material slicing and crushing; moisture adjusting, binder adding and briquetting, cooling and packaging.
Why promote the biomass briquette fuel?

Biomass briquette fuel has the unique advantages of environment protect effect and the lower price than the coal and gas. In places where the construction of gas pipe facilities could not be installed, biomass briquette fuel can be a appropriate solution to the fuel supply problem.

Industrial briquette press machine made by AGICO is a highly automatic briquetting machine; it can produce biomass pellet and briquette with different diameters, for it can be equipped with a series of moulds.If you want to know more about the industrial large briquette press, send an email for more details.