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Excellent Binders for Coal Briquetting

Public time: 2013-02-17 10:56 counts:

Coal-tar pitch, derived from coal, the third in order of importance is very widely available binder. Usually, 6.5%~8% is required. The cost ranges from 65%~90% per ton of briquettes produced.

Raw Materials Coal

Coal Charcoal Briquettes

Besides, there are natural asphalts and tars derived from wood distillation. Wax tailings is also a good choice for easily caking coal. Pitch derived from gas tar is a kind of excellent binder for making high quality coal/charcoal briquettes with a lower percentage of binder, but it is not for sale on the market yet. It is believed to be the most promising binder for coal briquetting in the future anyway. Concerning the price of different binders, it is varies greatly in different locations.