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Cost Effective Drier Machine-Common Faulty And Solutions

Public time: 2013-06-27 17:51 counts:
Drier machine is supplied by AGICO as an auxiliary equipment of biomass briquetting plant, many drier machine manufacturers claim that their machine can reach 0 failure rate, which is definitely a lie. For a machine which keeps running for almost 24 hours a day, all kinds of small faulty could occur, as an experienced drier machine supplier, AGICO offers you the solutions to deal with those moments.
  1. Low efficiency with high power consumption:
Cause: Thermal insulation property is not good enough; the design or installation of furnace need perfection.
Solution: wrap a layer of insulation material out of the drier; ask the manufacturer for a better furnace design.
  1. Dried material moisture is not steady:
Cause: improper operation of the drier, raw material forms balls or other blocks inside in drier.
Solution: Ask the manufacturer for the details of the operation book; break the balls and dry them again.
  1. Separator-Raw materials coming out of Chimney:
Cause: Separator is too small; the installation is not correct.
Solution: Ask the manufacturer to change the separator.
  1.  Raw material couldn’t be transferred out of the drier normally:
Cause: The installation of the drier is not good, gas leak may occur at the connection between the tubes.      
Solution: fix the leak at between the tubes; ask the manufacturer to reinstall the drier.