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Buying Dry Powder Briquette Press

Public time: 2014-03-03 15:00 counts:

dry powder briquette press

Dry Powder Briquette Press for Sale >>


Inquiries From Our Customers:


We are interested in producing 1-3 briquettes of fertilizer from commercially-available fertilizer (urea and different grades of NPK fertilizer) for use in Fertilizer Deep Penetration (FDP).

Do you have the machines that serve our purposes? If so, can you provide us with details of your machine? Please include price quotations.

-- Jose


I want to set upb a commercial charcoal production medium scale industry in my country Nigeria. Send me your quotation for best machine that will do well to process; sugar cane peels, rice husk and straw, ground nut and coconut shells, wood chips, sawdust and brushes.

-- Yakmut

shisha charcoal machine

Shisha Charcoal Briquette Machine >>

Inquiries From Our Customers:

Dear Sir / Madam,
We have a need of a machine to compress a mixture of coir and seaweed meal into discs to use in the horticultural sector I wondered if your Charcoal Briquetting Machine could be used for this purpose.
I would be interested to understand the price of the unit.  Have you supplied any of these units into the united kingdom before?

-- Patten