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Briquetting Plant Cost & Profit

Public time: 2013-05-04 14:40 counts:

Biomass Briquetting Plant

AGICO is a famous briquetting machine supplier in China, the main product is biomass briquette making machine, which turns the large quantities of wood waste into fuels. There are other kind of briquette machines like steel briquetter, plastic briquetter. The steel briquetter turns the iron broken bits into steel blocks; plastic briquetter compresses the used plastic materials into plastic blocks for easy transportation and recycle-production. Their uses are different, the products are various, but they have one thing in common-turn the waste materials into something valuable, the idea of these briquette machines is very clever and meaningful.

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While in the production, as there are many factors that will affect the cost of briquetting plant, how to get the profit to the largest is the main problem. Generally speaking, the low impurity waste material recycle cost is one big part of the production, it includes the waste material price and the transportation cost. To get your briquetting plant business going well, you have to make a detailed research of the raw material recycle cost and the how big the market of your product. The plastic briquetting machine is also a product of AGICO, if you are interested, send an email now!